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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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coming to the school, so i see it as not being a huge issue. in terms of the notice, my understanding is at the school followed all the rules and send the notice out, so i feel the school has done their job in a transparent way. as far as people concerned about noise, my understanding is nobody really has a right to of view so we live in a city. everybody has to share the space, and i cannot think of a better way to use the space and by turning it into something that benefits the public. thanks.
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>> my name is richard hilton. i have been very involved in helping the school with dr acquisition -- with the acquisition, which until the school acquired it was one of the largest apartments in the city. i think this was a great repurchasing of a building that is of historic resources also very to find an application for the would be appropriate. i want to make a couple of quick comments. the school has done everything it can to be in touch with the community. i know some neighbors may not
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have been notified, but the school had three meetings. the way the school tried to reach out to the community is through the major orientations -- organizations. these are among the neighborhood, and we met with the leadership and some members several times and from those organizations. we e-mailed many of the neighbors. we encouraged the neighbors to
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reach out to other neighbors and tell them we are open, that they should stay in communication so i just want to make it clearer it is not the case of a school has not made a sincere effort to listen to the neighbors. in addition, it is limited building for an entire middlechoices in out we e coidered t thin a try to trent in t w we oach it. >> od e comiors th ou for in re o late
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i a eir three or wn i rved on t steerin coittee i e lithere work tirre for seven a i c re you t school itlf i ti neir in the coit i lo igorwho li a i love them in initiol rsctive. it iour on to work wit tem a u o ents eper of our lue.
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our ters e fly eowered to ol rege te iri wt i oi ois a enefit to the eirs imel ent they will rech wt the igor a w cawe finwa to et t ee t neirs feel we e wonrf tion to the coit >> tion ser >> t ou for a heari t i two cldre t the ol there is o thini wt to es wch is wt wo contiinthis there bee
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i of trfic oi air qlity i it of iler ithe teaes ach ise ise we are tryin to itige it t l in ll ever t it is a goo idea to post ol ithere. ood estion is it wo ot do b el >> i tre a itiol ic coent? ei one, t heari i closed coisoner coisoner el we not a
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iortion a t chch itself. i tre athinin tt rerd i e i wt the evio circce re >> it en conrted i 20 i ot tt fali witthe ractices of t crc >> wever c tell e when doe the chch clot wt is t of the coretion i thinto evte with >> i rsta >> ea come to t odiu >> uer is the cch icly en clo e the eart i tt ot true?
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>> is there one w c give factl er >> t intere the chch w opened i20 it w oration il t >> he is correct, it w ta or >> idea three or fo years prior to it closin witthe ize of t coretion m e en >> i ow t were hin reg eeti with alcoholic i do t ow >> we do t w t reou coitio
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th i forte we do ot kw ow it w ed cai the rctect is there a re idin roof liti twho left before we too far, i wteto let you w it come to o teiothe chic eqent on t roof is locate i the rear rd to the rort t stock rtio of t roject would require re y iace wch t en noted to the lic. th it on t tle i to t oject onrs they re willi to remove the equip from the let ew -the esent location a aly a better
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e to p t equip >> th >> o t ierior? >> not ecesrily o t interior if ou look at the roots pla will ee it iquite close to t igor to the ea it wo fitely re it froth location a p it ore to t center of t rola roof la ot to the ck ees of the roof >> t arctect were question wte t >> we ot esigin t liti for t roof we he ot owotr la would i a ed to wnward faci irection >>
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tt es ot awer either you are goi to li, or you are ot e liti or ou re ot >> we ot iscued tt with o clients >> we e will not t roof lit >> tre w quite t of teimon fro igor r evioly stted tt t ow t roof tey were isfied wit the roject o tt obes the colaints traffic a fr i coer if we go wit t i woest
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it e it wo e rericted th it om if w ca tt. tose ours are fro 7: til other t th, it co p wo t rctect eer t com reg ruct cae we reall t ruct otr th we e oi to t in t one to get it raib we e wor wit ly rescted ener >> we are
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wor wit ig eciali inteineers it will require the oject tted it will reqre they are reewed a t would come ck t rectio it i t true th i oi to en te wls we ow oour pla en desig eineere a tt i wt we e into t to the rt it it tr we e in to treat the ierior wall it it into en >> i g mla com ito our re i to
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ore they arecie it you he followed t rule t i to com tt ttin t ty of retion we s t e fro eirs a ce our la since the la ti ou co o tt lso, a wle t coison the rt wa arecie t out re two ortion you c o exct to so a when you e large oject for eirhoo oro-oor i wh wor in the city, wh i c tell, did t its coisoner
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rden it i regrettle tre h en onct o outreach we he concern a o res t roof i wt to talk tt cae ople e out it so ofte e it i t school rector eople re cracterizinit a e into e en l l t on t lbourneroof, i wt to ow wt the is >> it is din the ol it i oor rden cl it will 25 stu we m also e it for art cla
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they raw t ts ore t kin iide clooof ices 25 ents at the time you re lookin iide oice a 2 ents at ti e tee or fo hours tod xithere is id i th cl >> you do t pla to rve lu >> we ot rve lu >> no outb we ca coisoner -we c coitioit you he to e ce t there e t lot of the etic events b we mig e it for rients bttinit is od tt clifie
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2 to 3 ents r cla it i ot o nig time t on t wee, we c comiothin peoe e coer i ow t sigwa osteon the crc i oticed the w ed on t chch oeaer i dont w when it t there i did ot kw a the roject ior to eein t ctll ra io the eaof te eirhoo ociation a they sthey were rtive
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of t project i ow t sigwa oste i t ow if eirs p teio it is wa cllen tere' ople w feel li twere tified i ot inth i w wh t awer w ith rtic sittion clearl t ol co e more. exrience ithis comio is tt roof ecemto the ire of t igorod it is see to a chlee. i t w w tt is cae i ca cou on h t ou of ti ome of t ople i he en otheir roof ck eople reall et t them a i ee tt quite ofte
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this i ctllise. it itu sckin to e li ithe eirhoo w tt rt i l of t ti o tues ternoo i caot lieve w crowit i t is a ver is eirhooin gener >> we iee e ents tir einlu if we id, there could u to 88 ents of their lwhicwo two cl >> t comioca wh t feel out th >> tis i tion eded for ceibilit or ith not tr >> the eletor wo to en >> tt
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is true. cceslity to o lels >> tenl of t time. w th icoison to tt oou you he to ceible we wa concern out the roof penthou for t elevor i wo lea tt to one el to talk ore in depth out twain to the lowe ose eit e whicthe il code wo low ersonly, i thin th t is a eat ti reu of this sce we c contion rerdin t wte zone if there e coer tt the coison would like to es t otrwise, with t of t meccal e, a lot of
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t ith he en out bee reed tcoison >> if i c ome ral coents this i beaif ructe. i t tt iol is a eat for crcli this it se wre we e oi to go othis let e throw out cole of iea ifree to tt coitio if t blue wte zone you dont t ise of j o t qrter this moves clor to t school. i ow th you are filiar with a chool on wto treet a preo.
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i wote to ee t location co lite location if it en othe t for little while, tt the little bit of w e cef wt wi for >> we're hel to ist throthe oces th h en o the whole wa te question is e for the ol lears >> i wor eriocallfor them i only ee called a eded this h ee oothly for we the etin with the tf we t we cairon the ises are leo >>
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eat, t you >> the outh crely exists would e re ltogetr replace the white one. >> t you >> i t ow if i c qestion i eettin ere for 12 hours there is a re locioth e operinout of wch th you will retain tt location tt ea you re exp filit i woli to ow w t oiler ct ithe >> tt i question i ct er >> this
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would e lo of e. mide ol, for the x fis for t , it i chleinto t l t ogra i tis a istoric ldin we are required to kee cert es it without ea them io ller cloo ch tu tre are otr eath are e tis i lit on how ch we ca roinl of tt fiin locio inthe whole ogra chlein >> e t oure kee the otr il >> we
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wt to exp >> one of t ints i trieto is tt we three rcr their cloo at the otr te a we rmison to ep those til 24. we will epin them fro t olar t io o three orieol ldin when we t le school ents rt of this ito te tose tee mod claroom one of t t >> th ifi th there en testi t tt igorwere wn elier did not a exterior ch t testi w th te recent ow exterior c the
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is ithe rert referees th were drawn o 81. t of the ith we re - those of t in tt we here. were t la revised between te j e the etin te tod >> es the were re ower, t roof ck a t tr the e, a echic roo w wa rt of it. o minor reon i th t tuly e it ler. one of t reon tuly the
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eccal equip ecloses sller >> w didt the ce ention the chic roo >> exterior te iro incle roof dec to the t corner of the ldin a elevor e onthe eaer ed the oposed roof ck exterior enthou would e ely removed ithe fe. it doet io t chic roo th w im orsig riioof t project when reathe overl escription it oe iothe eccal eqent. >> to wled the enroental exetion or it ise
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i dont ecificly eio t meccal roo cae it iwritte rall th it c ly to oject iese ju ch t are you t th it the pla >> i do. tre wathe a the r who reewed t oject the oject rerictio es mention t eccal eqle o the roof >> o th >> o lt t the io of 88 ents othe roof >> i dont ow >> uer th it h en reed th t
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eccal room will to t mide of t roof it will t e from t exterior, cert fro t reet >> wt it will i o of tir rear rd ea where exactly it ts locateto is to e termined >> o concern would t it on igorwhic we alrea es the otr wo e th it is rd to tell from the ever loo beaif i the reerin l e is t crcitlf i th wherever tt ructe is tt it is done in taef w a ose it doet em like foreig o o t top erh t color could be lar to tt of t re of the ructe.


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